Artificial intelligence and design

Using public domain images, I employ the wondrous power of AI tools to concoct, craft, tweak, and produce the one-of-a-kind yet familiar artwork that adorns all of our fantastic products. Careful not to pilfer the work of fellow artists, I instead sift through the vast collections of captivating illustrations, patterns, and designs already in existence for free use across our marvelous world.

TEXTILES you say?

My professional work revolves around workplace design and corporate environments, and so rarely do I get to specify many textiles!

Triple Sierra will be a fun expression for all things cozy, hygge, comforting and full of life.

Step into a world where history and innovation collide, with Triple Sierra's AI-powered artworks that bring together the best of textiles, patterns, and historical imagery.


I am an interior designer with an eclectic background, practicing and teaching design in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I've always had a love of textiles, starting with seeing both my grandmothers stitched and sewn creations.

The surprising effects of pattern, the wonder of geometry and certainly the use of color are huge inspirations to me in all of my work, especially Triple Sierra!